Parent Commitment: Parents are expected to be supportive of all players, coaches and officials. This includes getting your child to and from ALL practices and games on time. This shows respect for the coach, and it tells your child that he or she is their top priority.

Parents should know that they are also representatives of the club and are to represent the club in a positive manner and set a proper example for our players. Therefore, under no circumstances are parents to coach players during the game and also show respect to coaches, players, opponents, opposing fans, and officials. Also, parents are to uphold the commitment of their child in the program.

Parents should know and understand that they will be held responsible of any fines levied on our club resulting from any comments or actions by them or their child. If fines are not paid, this will result in suspension and or expulsion of your child from the club.

Keep in mind that any monies already paid to the club, WILL NOT be refunded.

Parents are also expected to make sure that their child tunrs up in the right kit. This means specifically a pair of children’s soccer cleats, shorts, t-shirt, shin pads and soccer socks.