Player Commitment: It is mandatory that players attend ALL practices, games, tournaments and meetings.

Players are to notify coaches in advance, if for some reason or another they can not make one of the above. Notification to coaches of a planned absence will give ample time for coaches to plan accordingly. Any player that misses a practice will be expected to make it up with another team, or be penalized according to the policies of the club and coach.

Players are expected to be punctual to all games, practices, tournaments and meetings.

Players are expected to be properly dressed for the weather, shin guards and proper footwear. Also, players should come prepared with their own soccer ball and water bottle.

Finally and most importantly, all players must always respect for all authority figures, which includes coaches, trainers, referees, administrators, parents and their teammates. Violation of the Three Rivers Soccer Club code of conduct will result in disciplinary actions that may result in suspension and or expulsion from the club.